Pradeep Sarkar to direct music video with Richa Chadha and Ankit D’Souza

Pradeep Sarkar will direct a music video with actors Richa Chadha and Ankit D’Souza. The music video, Assignment, shaped like a musical drama, is also said to have elements of a thriller to it.

In a statement, D’Souza said that he had no doubt as to the ‘uncalculated’ risk he needed to take. He said, “Pradeep Sarkar has such a strong aura about him. And this was a beautiful musical story and my desire to be a part of it overwhelmed all calculations. It was a wonderful experience. Also, working with Richa Chadha has been like a dream come true.”

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Chadha affirmed the experience saying, “It is always a pleasure to work with like-minded people and bundles of talent. Pradeep da is one of my favourite directors. Ankit is extremely talented and has a bright future. It was fun to shoot this single and it was an amazing experience for me. Ankit and I hit it off very well and I wish him all the luck.”

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The actress was in the running to make her singing debut herself, but it is not known whether she will be lending her voice for the single. The song is presented by Dancing Shadows.

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