Perfume trailer: Another Sairat-like love story?

We have seen people falling in love after being impressed by someone’s looks. In director Karan Tandale’s Perfume, the girl Mehak (Monalisa Bagul) falls for Chandan (Omkar Dixit) after being mesmerized by the fragrance of his perfume. It looks like the makers have taken the deodorant advertisements too seriously.

In the recently released trailer to the film, Mehak smells Chandan’s perfume by chance. She is delighted to know that he is from her college. Chandan moonlights as a perfumer. The two get to know each other well and fall in love.

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This sounds like a regular love story, but a twist comes in the trailer. Chandan and Mehak’s love story is interrupted by religious and class divides. The angle is a reminder of Nagraj Manjule’s blockbuster, Sairat (2016). There have been quite a few films based on the Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar-starrer in the recent past. Yumtum (2018) and Baban (2018) are recent examples.

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Bagul appears undercooked for the part, especially on occasions when she has to mouth English dialogue. Dixit displays some decent acting talent. The film also stars Chinmay Mandlekar as the antagonist.

Produced by Amol Kagne Films, Perfume will spread its fragrance in theatres on 1 March.

Watch the trailer below:


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