‘Namo Namo’ is like an election campaign video

There is an ongoing debate in the media and with social media users as to whether the film PM Narendra Modi is a publicity material for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and India’s prime minister Narendra Modi for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections starting next month. The makers have, obviously, denied it. 

No connection with BJP: Makers of PM Narendra Modi biopic reply to EC

The recently released song ‘Namo Namo’ appears just like the election advertisements of BJP and Modi that are shown in movie halls before the start of the film and on television

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The song mostly shows visuals of hordes of people wearing the Modi mask and fluttering BJP’s flags while attending his election rallies. 

There is some unintentional hilarity as well with the forceful scene of a man spitting in a washroom and Modi making him clean it. Vivek Anand Oberoi appears more convincing as Modi here than in the film’s trailer. 

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‘Namo Namo’ is mostly a rap number sung convincingly and energetically by Parry G. Hitesh Modak’s music is foot-tapping and simple. 

There was news about the film’s producer Sandeep Ssingh making his singing debut with this song. However, his part doesn’t receive much footage and he is repeating the same line in an auto-tuned voice, which sounds more like chorus. 

PM Narendra Modi will be releasing on 5 April, a week before the first phase of polling begins.

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Watch the song below: